My 2¢ on Medical Marijuana.

“Rights mean you have a right to your life. You have a right to your liberty, and you should have a right to keep the fruits of your labor….I, in a way, don’t like to use those terms: gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights, religious rights. There’s only one type of right. It’s the right to your liberty.” 

Ron Paul

I don’t believe there should be medical marijuana. There is no difference between “medical marijuana” and marijuana you buy from your local dealer, other than the care that goes into the cultivation process; and even then some herb on the streets can be just as strong. But back to the point. Piggy-backing off of Ron Paul’s concept, I don’t think we should be using the term medical marijuana because whether someone is a cancer patient, AIDS patient, MS patient, has glaucoma, is epileptic, suffering from a horrible disease or disorder, or just a college student who wants to relax after finals they should be able to use cannabis if they choose to do so. Using the label medical marijuana just gives people an excuse to use cannabis in this prohibition. and its unfortunate it has to be this way.

You shouldn’t have to see a doctor so they can determine if you “qualify” to legally use something that’s absolutely harmless, but most of all something that you should have the right to put into your own body if you want to. There shouldn’t be restrictions on the amount of cannabis you can buy or possess in your own home or on your own property. If you want to have 50 pounds of bud in your house and 60 plants on your land you should be able to do so. In my opinion we shouldn’t be pushing for states to legalize medical marijuana, we should be pushing for full on legalization and the rescheduling of cannabis, on the federal level (and even if the states legalized cannabis in their states, the feds shouldn’t be able to overrule it, but that’s an argument for another day).

Long story short, we shouldn’t have to label cannabis “medical marijuana” to bypass the government’s system to use something we want to use. It’s a plant, it’s here on Earth for a reason and it should be our right to use it without taxation, loss of employment, being kicked off an organ transplant list and imprisonment. As Ron Paul has said time and time again, we have the right to our life and what we choose to do with it. We should have the right to smoke cannabis.


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